Wednesday, October 20, 2010

technical challenges remembering white out

I just loved this picture. When you find you are fixing your computer screen with white-out you know you are old. In fact if you are reading this and even know what white-out is then you are old. Remember that little bottle of correction fluid. Whenever you needed it to fix a typo (another archaic term) in a term paper the white out was always too thick. (It had a shelf life of five minutes) and you needed to go out in the middle of the night and get a new bottle. I eventually found you could add Cutex nail polish remover to it as a thinning solvent. Whenever I handed in my papers they smelled like a beauty parlor. If you remember WHITE-OUT let me know. Now there is a business I would not like to have inherited!


  1. Actually, I STILL use white out - I have a bottle of BIC Wite-Out in my desk drawer. It's great for correcting forms I've had to fill out for the twins' school papers.

    Am anxiously awaiting After the Falls!

  2. Wow I have twins as well. AFTER THE FALLS is out in Canada and coming out in the States on November 1st.