Thursday, November 11, 2010

pens are an anachronism

My friend Judi sent me a message from Lib's blog which is perfect for my aging blog.

Signs of Age

Posted: 01 Nov 2010 07:18 PM PDT

"There are moments that in life when the realization suddenly hits you that you may be aging. I was talking to a 20-something recently about plans for the upcoming TEDxIBYork conference. Should we have a stash of markers available for people to identify their gift bags? I pointed out that this might create a traffic jam, and why not let people use their own pens? He seemed rather stunned that I would think anyone was likely to carry a pen with them. "It's probably an age thing", he gently pointed out.

I had a similar thing happen at the airport when my bag was overweight and had to pay extra for my bag.. I said "Well this must happen often when people travel with books. I mean what else can you do? You have to read. The airline official said, "Hardly anyone travels with books anymore. Like a Luddite I said, 'Oh it is so sad that people don't read anymore.' She just looked at me as though I was an antique chair and said, "No I meant most people have an e reader."

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