Tuesday, September 14, 2010

emailing grandchildren pictures

A lot of old people are grandparents who love emailing their grandchild's picture to you. Beware of this really annoying habit as they can be sneaky. They often don't say "grandchild in my arms" in the subject line since, of course, you would press delete. Instead the subject line reads "don't miss this!" When you open it you see a new grandchild that is hard to distinguish from an iguana. There are dozens of pictures and your computer gets clogged with images of someone you do not know, will never know, and has no interest in knowing you. EVER

The best one I ever received was labeled 'granny and grandchild swim class.' The only thing worse than seeing a grandchild is seeing a wet one emerging from the pool. It looks a bit like the missing link between man and fish. The tag line attached to the photo was interesting in its profound delusion. It said 'please don't forward'. I guess that grandmother was afraid that her picture of 'tot and granny swimclass' might go viral.

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